Welcome to Thai Smiles. Ongoing humanitarian service to Northern Thailand.

Be The Change

Dr. Richard Stoker with a Thai patient.

Who We Are

We are an aggregate of honest and motivated individuals who share the same goal:  to make the world a better place as we visit it's beautiful landscape.  Dental humanitarian trips to 3rd world countries allows us to meet these goals.

What We Do

Thai Smiles is a volunteer, traveling dental team.  In February 2017 Thai Smiles traveled to Nan, Thailand and performed dental procedures and educated over 800 Thai people, mostly children.  We plan to return to Northern Thailand in 2019 to continue our mission to treat the dentally underserved.

Join Thai Smiles

Although Thai Smiles is primarily focused on dentistry,  experience is not required to volunteer.  A genuine desire to do good in the world is all you need.  We hope to incorporate Medical aid on future trips.