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2017 :  Our 2017 goal was  to service multiple districts of Nan provence.  We planned on setting up our clinic in the Santhisuk District, specifically at the Ban Hauy Heaw School.  We hoped   treat children and adults from 3 area schools and the general area.  We originally planned on busing in children and adults from the surrounding areas on these days.  We estimated and hoped to see 150 patients per day for a total of 600 patients.  We ended up sering over 800 patients.  

Our treatments included extractions, resin modified glass ionomer restorations, cleanings (both prophies and scaling/root planning), preventative treatment (fluoride varnish applications, etc) and dental education.  We needed a decent amount of help and support to achieve these goals.  We will need substantial help to continue in our objectives.

We have full intentions on returning to Thailand in 2019 to perform more dental humanitarian work in the Nan Providence.